2012 — Solo show "Synthetic Syndrome", TKACHI, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

In Tanya Ahmetgalieva’s art practice one can trace a delicate metaphorical thread connecting artist’s subject with the real world. This thread functions as a symbolization of an impalpable ineer reflections of the artist.

The thread of life is winding on an axle of time. In my recent art practice I more and more often address the questions of cover, synthetism, uneasiness, attempts to escape the reality and immersion into intrinsic artificially created worlds...Solitude...

— Tanya Akhmetgalieva

Photographer – Alexander Lavrentiev

In the actual reality one can often face the fake realm of artificial materials along with the substitution of life with a synthetic hybrids: in food, everyday objects and human relations.

Emotions and feelings in these conditions are displaced into a virtual space. The images offered to our gaze despite their specificity lack essence, order and form. What is left is the feeling of estrangement and dissatisfaction.

In the project ‘SYNTHETIC SYNDROME the spectators become hostages of ‘NEOn conciousness’ in the world of constantly multiplying images. One observes the rejection of pure feelings. And in many cases as a consequence of a deficit of human will we find ourselves being completely dissolved in the world of visual illusions.

Fluirescence, tacky colors provoke our respond, they are nothing but a reflection of the world that appears intrinsic for us. In the moment of this chemical reaction we lose control over our feelings, experience obsessive desire for some activity, that is where an unhealthy addictive human behaviour originates from.

In a contemporary society it’s almost impossible to find an agency of immersiveness and belonging to something. The interest is based on a substitution, while the integralself-perception immediately starts to fall apart into small pieces. People do not have a fear of being dependent on the virtual and the empty.

But the questions we ask ourselves remain the same: Where is our place in all these processes? To which extent are we influenced by the artificial environment? What drives us in a virtual space? How do we percieve the synthetic sound and who are we on the other side of the lens?

The virtual space we inhabit today triggers many questions that we are only approaching in the 21st century – the century of the Synthetic Thought.

Photographer – Alexander Lavrentiev

Curator — Elena Yushina.

The author of the text — Elena Yushina.

Photos — TANYA Akhmetgalieva, Alexander Lavrentiev.

VIDEO — Michi Muchina & TANYA Akhmetgalieva.

SOUND — Michi Muchina.

tanya akhmetgalieva
tanya akhmetgalieva