With the red thread

2008, Installation, 100 X 200 cm

Textiles, embroidery, sewing, threads, ball of threads.


2010 — First prize "Newspeak", The State Hermitage museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2008 — "Qui Vive?" 1 Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, exhibition "Random Politics", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.

Rebellious crowd, which is shouting, roaring, expressing its emotions, expressing its opinion, complains, anger and demanding, demanding and demanding again. Threads of anxiety and rage come out to a viewer, roll out to his legs. All this is a tissue of society life, fabric of its feelings. It is a consequence of complexities and connections which are being weaved at another, higher level...

— Tanya Akhmetgalieva

CURATOR — Vladislav Efimov

tanya akhmetgalieva
tanya akhmetgalieva